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PORAN maintains a presence at the Nevada Legislature

Actively monitoring legislation which affects the ability of law enforcement officers to protect the public and do their job

About Us

PORAN participates in legislation to increase training, professionalism, and effectiveness of law enforcement while seeking to improve the social and economic welfare of personnel and their families.

Our Mission

PORAN's mission is to maintain a leadership role in organizing, empowering and representing the interests of rank-and-file peace officers.

Charities We Support

Every year the Peace Officers Research Association of Nevada donates money and time to benefit numerous charities, groups and organizations in Nevada.

Bill Tracking

The following attachment includes all legislation that may impact law enforcement. This includes possible changes to employment and labor law, changes in workers comp law, changes in election law, changes in the public records law, changes to the power and duties of the Attorney General, changes to criminal law and criminal justice reform.


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